Department of Imaging
The Department of imaging is one of our busiest patient facilities equipped with modern diagnostic facilities and caters to the needs of both inpatients and outpatients, as well as to referrals from outside the hospital.

A team of qualified and committed radiologists backed by trained radiographers provides diagnostic services round the clock as per need.
ROUTINE X-RAYS: The department is equipped with 250 mA X-ray (Low Radiation) and Dental Pantrography (OPG) units with films being processed in Auto-computerized/digital radiography, ensuring excellent image quality.
SPECIAL RADIOLOGICAL PROCEDURES: These are performed using modern X-ray machines equipped with image intensifiers. All possible precautions are taken to restrict radiation to the patient and operator.
ULTRASOUND : The department is equipped with 4 state-of-the-art machines.
Studies performed include ( Make Wipro GE Model –LOGIQ P9 (R3) :
– Abdominal / Pelvic scans, Obstetric scans with 3D & 4D images, Infertility studies
– Doppler studies ( Arterial and Venous )
– Musculoskeletal + Limb Doppler
– Share wave Liver Elastography
– Small parts including breast
– Paediatric sonograms including neonatal heads
– Ultrasound guided interventional procedures, FNACs and biopsies.

Whole Body CT scan, Whole Body PET Scan, MRI Scan and Mammography are being referred to other charitable hospitals.

DEXA SCANS: Bone densitometry is a useful tool in the evaluation of osteoporosis and is available in the department. Protocols include those for spine, hip, wrist and whole body.

General preparation: Objects that are dense enough to be imaged on film ( like jewellery, belts, buttons and zippers ) are to be removed prior to x-ray, CT & MR the examinations. The department provides appropriate clothing to be worn during x-rays, ultrasounds, mammograms, MR and CT procedures.
Prior preparation with laxatives is required for investigations like barium studies and intravenous urography. Patients will be advised accordingly when their appointments are being booked.
Patients are requested to kindly follow all instructions issued by our radiographers to ensure optimal image quality and prevent repeat examinations.

Patient Safety
Anchal is committed to providing reliable diagnostic facilities with responsible use of X-rays and due attention to radiation exposure to both patient and operator. A minimal amount of radiation is used to obtained needed results.

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