The Anchal Pharmacy has been in existence since the inception of the hospital. The functionality of pharmacy is procuring quality medicines directly from the pharmaceutical companies through their distributors and dispensing them to the patients.
The main aim of the Pharmacy is to provide genuine medicines at affordable prices to all patients.
Purchasing of medicines is done under the supervision of the Therapeutic Committee comprising of Consultants from Medicines, Pediatrics, Genecology, Orthopedics and surgery who evaluate the quotations received from the Pharmaceutical Companies of quality medicine. It is thus ensured that medicines of high quality are provided to out- patients and other outside- patients.
All the medicines are dispensed to the patients by qualified pharmacists. Every patient who comes to buy medicines in the pharmacy, meet the pharmacist who dispenses those medicine in a marked medicine envelop, indicating which medicine is to be taken how many times, before or after meals and what is the safe and effective use of the medicine. Every pharmacist gives enough time to attend to the queries of the patients.

As the numbers of patients are increasing, we may decide to extend our operation round the clock.
Maintaining quality has always been our main objective. Each bottle of I.V. fluid is checked for sediment, Chemo medicines, Dilators etc. are taken of best quality under doctors’ supervision that too of very high discounts unmatchable from the market or any hospital.

The nursing staff of the hospital is also taught to examine every bottle of I.V. before use.
Storage of medicines and other products is an important requirement for maintaining the quality and potency of the drug for this we have air-conditioned pharmacy.

As part of the computerization process, a program has been developed for the Pharmacy, which has reduced patients waiting time to some extent.

Anchal has provided home based services for pharmacy without any cost with 2-3 kilometers of radius depending upon quantum of medicines.

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