ENT Care

ENT Care

At AHC, ENT is taken care-of at the OPD level. The ENT physician a medical specialist  who is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck, including particularly the ears and nose.

The ENT physician treats the basic functions of life – Imagine you unable to hear her music,

not being able to smell or, not being able to taste and enjoy your favorite meal.

Imagine what it is to spend sleepless nights next to your loved one because she/he snores.

These are some of the fundamental functions of life that make living so rich and wonderful. Yet when one or more of these functions no longer work the way they should, living is reduced to ashes.

Hearing and balance, swallowing and speech, breathing and sleep issues, allergies and sinuses, head and neck cancer, skin disorders, even facial plastic surgery are just some of the conditions that “ENT” (ear, nose, and throat) specialists treat.

ENT specialists treat everything from the collarbone up, except for the brain and eyes. So much of this work, medical and surgical, affects how people perceive themselves as human beings.

Problems such as deviated septum, malformation, nerve disorders, chronic sinusitis, and smell and sensory issues and allergies are referred to bigger institutions for additional attention. Treatment of the throat involves check-up for cancer, speech problems, and vocal issues, as well as eating disabilities and speaking limitations are fully covered.

The ears, nose, and throat are important parts of the body and issues relating to these areas affect the area. When issues occur in these areas, it affects the senses and may lead to a developmental delay for young children.

Issues covered include – lump in the neck, change in the voice growth in the mouth, difficulty in swallowing, persistent ear ache, sinusitis, allergies and other problems. Asthma, ear infection, tonsils, hoarseness of the voice, reflux, sore throat.

Anchal Health Centre – The Ultimate Destination for Pocket-Friendly ENT Treatment Ghaziabad

ENT stands for Ear, Nose and Throat, and if you have any uneasiness in any of these body parts, you need to visit and ENT specialist Ghaziabad. However, ENT specialists often charge high fees and hence, patients often avoid going to such experts as they cannot afford such hefty charges. However, if the diseases and infections in your ears, nose or throat are not treated on time, the condition can deteriorate further, leading to complications. Fret not, as Anchal Health Centre is there for you.

At Anchal Health Centre, we understand that not everyone can afford and manage to pay hefty charges to ENT specialist Ghaziabad for treatment and surgeries. Therefore, being a charitable trust and an NGO, we extend our helping hands to all such patients who need ENT treatment Ghaziabad such as Cochlear implants, adenoids and so on. So, give us a call to know more about our services and facilities.


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