Ophthalmology / Eye Care


Ophthalmology / Eye Care

Doctors in this section are seniors, excelled in this profession treating a form of vision and eye conditions. Most of the patients who come to us find their condition complex with multiple complications.

The Tragedy of the Visually Impaired in India

One such major issue which affects children in the economically weaker – underserved segments is the ignorance, lack of access to proper competent eye hospitals and clinics and, incorrect diagnosis unable to identify low vision vis-a-vis being blind with very tragic and disastrous consequences.

50% of the children enrolled in blind Schools in India suffer from low vision and not blindness and, their lives are blighted by relegating them to develop systems and initiatives meant for the blind. The result – low vision being a serious issue which receives no budgets, consideration or correctional treatment is ignored due to ignorance, imperfect diagnosis, and assessment tools; a mere 5 – 10% are able to access and improve their functionality. Ageing serves to increase the challenges relating to low vision.

Inclusion for the challenged is a pipe–dream and access is an experience that will dehumanize the most spirited of individuals being subjected to devious forms of abuse, deprivation, and neglect.

Reasons such as ignorance about the necessary treatment and therapies, financial constraints, attitudinal barriers towards spending money on children with disabilities and unfeelingly neglecting them, denial and or, inability to access services due to disabilities, inaccessible infrastructure and prejudices of community members precipitates the situation for such children and are the key concerns for India.

ACH ophthalmologists work with multidisciplinary teams of specialists who collaborate to provide exactly the care you need. Services available cover cataract, corneal scratch, injury, infection, color blindness. Diabetes-related eye problems, glaucoma.

Other issues include Ophthalmic pathology, Ophthalmology – comprehensive and pediatric, Optometry – comprehensive and pediatric, pediatric ophthalmology and optometry.

Refractive Surgery.  Contact lens and spectacles are also provided

Fully equipped Department with

  1. Retinal Camera – used to photograph the back of the eye, including the retina. It is used to document eye diseases.
  2. Phoropter – an instrument used during an eye examination to measure refractive error and determine eyeglass prescriptions.

The Need: 

The need for support in the area of eye-care will always remain an understatement. There is a vast population unable to afford spectacles for which reason children are the worst sufferers and this inability compromises on their education and all future prospects. Whatever we may say in this regard remains an understatement

Anchal feels it is an absolute necessity to accommodate a demand for at least 25 spectacles per day to meet the deficiency in this single segment of eye-care.

As we all know, medicines necessary in eye care are beyond the reach of the common man and it is very difficult to meet this deficiency.

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