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Fight Cancer’s Fatality with Courage and Determination at Anchal Health Centre

India’s best charitable hospital – Anchal Health Centre, is a respected and leading community of oncologists, cancer specialists, and doctors committed to combating various forms and phases of cancer with the finest medical services and facilities at a low cost.

Our organisation is committed to providing people all over the country with high-quality, low-cost breast cancer treatment Indirapuram.

What Effect Does Cancer Have on the World?

When we discuss cancer, our hearts and souls tremble with fear. Yet, at times, it’s worth pondering why we should have cancer treatment in the first place.

Services for Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer has gradually increased in India throughout the last ten years, and it became the most common cancer among women. The age-adjusted mortality rate is 25.8 in 1,00,000 women, and the age-adjusted rate is 12.7 in 1,00,000 women. Now it is possible to identify breast cancer at an early point thanks to developing successful screening modalities. However, breast cancer diagnosed at an early stage has a five-year mortality rate of more than 90%.

The breast cancer treatment staff at Anchal Health Centre provides cutting-edge, personalised care from successful screening through diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

Anyone diagnosed with breast cancer is treated as an individual who needs a well-thought-out, customised breast cancer treatment Ghaziabad plan that includes cutting-edge care. For better results, each case is addressed in depth in the tumour board with this goal in mind. Our physicians work as a team to offer the best medical choices to fulfil each patient’s goals, carefully assess the patient and breast cancer details.

We have a team that gets their energy from helping people in pain or need, and we strive to brighten the surrounding community a little each day by providing a pain-free life to every cancer patient who comes to us for breast cancer treatment Vaishali. Our breast cancer specialists are professionals in both treatment and research, giving patients the most up-to-date and successful therapies for the best chance of a cure. In addition, our centre is among the few in the world that offers the most cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technology.

Treatment Options for Breast Cancer

The preceding are the most popular breast cancer treatments we provide:

Surgical Procedure

Breast cancer can be removed through a variety of procedures. Mastectomy, lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy, axillary lymph node dissection, and contralateral prophylactic mastectomy are some of the most commonly performed breast cancer procedures.

Radiation Treatment

High-powered radiation lasers are transmitted through the skin to destroy cancer cells in this given treatment.

Chemotherapeutic Treatment

It is a medication that is used to destroy cancer cells. In most cases, this treatment is combined with surgery. It is performed before surgery to trim tumour cells and avoid surgery.

Hormonal Therapy

The development of oestrogen and progesterone hormones is inhibited in this treatment choice, as these hormones can promote tumour growth.


Certain medicines, like Herceptin, are used to prevent the body from producing the HER2 protein, which aids in the growth of breast cancer cells.

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