Gynaecology Care

To ensure that all patients Attending OPD are attended and provided with quality care in an environment of minimal risk, covering every aspect of patient care from the time patient walks in the registration counter, to consultation and examination room, through diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of the patient in the Hospital.


It includes the provision of preventive, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative services to the patient attending OPD.

A detailed history and complete physical assessment of the patient are done in a designated examination room/area in complete privacy taking appropriate precautions and maintaining international standards of hygiene. Extending to the ladies irrespective of their age, caste, class, education, religion or, profession, respect, total dignity that is their birth-right and their right to privacy.

How this is Applied

The possible treatment options are discussed with the patient and treatment prescribed accordingly.

Communicate to the patient clearly about precautions, investigations with follow-up visits wherever applicable.

Referral: The patient seen in one OPD and referred to another OPD is handled on a priority basis.

If a patient visits the AHC OPD on a wrong day she is not returned but seen and treated and also instructed to follow on her designed OPD days.

Patients facing complications are referred to as a consultant/Senior Doctor whenever required.

Referral of patient to other departments must be done in consultation with the specialist / SR depending on the case.

When no definite diagnosis can be made patients should not be shuttled from one OPD to other OPD unnecessarily. Depending upon the condition of the patient such patients should be admitted if sick and proper references to be obtained by the different departments (after admission). Referral may be done by telephonic consultation at OPD level also.

Services Delivered by AHC

  1. Care for and treatment of the mother during prenatal, natal and postnatal stages.
  2. Care and medical support for girls during pregnancy and childbirth.
  3. Treat diseases of the female organs of reproduction
  4. Treatment of chronic diseases or, disorders of the female organs of reproduction.
  5. Prescribe therapy and or, medication and other specialized medical care to prevent illness, disease or injury.
  6. Administer non-intravenous medication
  7. Analyze records, reports, test results and examination information to diagnose medical condition of the patient.
  8. Explain procedures and discuss test results and prescribed treatment with the patient and family members.
  9. The advice in regard to diet, activity, hygiene and disease prevention
  10. Health and wellness advice.
  11. Security
  12. Consultancy Service to other physicians.
  13. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to plan or provide treatment.
  14. Plan, implement and administer health programs in hospitals, businesses, communities in the prevention and treatment of illness and injuries.
  15. Design employee health programmes.
  16. Official Health documents to include births and deaths.
  17. Conduct research to improve health seeking habits
  18. Supervise patient care personnel.


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