Dr. Shubham Narayan Tripathi

About Me:

Specialist in Chronic Disease

According to Dr. Shubham Narayan Tripathi a master of this science of healing, “homeopathic medicines should work – show results with the very first drop” and that is precisely what he strives for.

Though young in years, Dr. S. N. Tripathi is an asset to the Anchal Health Centre providing healing and succor to the ailing with a long term history of suffering. His specialization is a chronic ailment that has seen years of wrong human lifestyles, wrong treatment, and the hunt for an immediate cure making the ailment a chronic one.

He has a formidable reputation in the healing of Chronic problems relating to
1. Respiratory disorders
2. Problem issues with ladies
3. Skin problems
4. Issues relating to children
5. Renal Disorders
6. Nervous Conditions and brain disorders
7. The digestive system
8. ENT
9. Problems relating to the eyes
10. Joint and bone disorders
11. Sex-related issues
An authority and master in the application of the science of Homoeopathic medicines and a comprehensive grasp of the system that demands a thorough control over the assessment and understanding of the patient’s problem, diagnosis - focus and identifying of the root cause of the problem – collection of facts will lead to a medicine that will adequately give relief immediately.

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